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(4037) School Bus Driver - Transportation
Applications for this position are accepted:
From 7/11/2013 To 9/10/2013 5:00 PM (SEARCH EXTENDED)

Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Job Description

Division: Transportation
TITLE: School Bus Driver - Transportation

The rate for this position is $16.34 per hour.


CMSD School Bus Drivers, under general supervision, drives a school bus to transport students to and from school and on special trips.

  1. Come to work everyday and on time.
  2. Operate the assigned school bus over the designated route(s).
  3. Make pupil pick-ups and drop-offs only at designated stops.
  4. Follow all established time schedules.
  5. Pick up only authorized students.
  6. Make all required daily inspections of buses.
  7. Keep the school bus clean, clear bus of all personal property daily
  8. Always carry the proper route identification sign(s) for the route you are operating.
  9. Report mechanical defects on the proper form.
  10. Check all fire, emergency and first-aid equipment and keep the equipment clean and serviceable.
  11. Keep order on the bus and maintain discipline, in keeping with school policies as approved by the Board of Education.
  12. Report misconduct via the student referral forms to the principal or representative.
  13. Be courteous to drivers of other vehicles and to each other.
  14. Assist in the promotion of good public relations.
  15. Participate in all training programs.
  16. Attend all meetings and conferences.
  17. Check buses after students are dropped off at school, last stop and depots.
  18. Complete all records and reports as required.
  19. Ensure that you refuel your vehicles as required and keep accurate records.
  20. Park buses and automobiles in designated slots.
  21. Report to office for check in at desk or be recognized by dispatcher.
  22. Report any overtime on overtime form upon your return to the depot.
  23. Check your mailbox before and after each run.
  24. Turn in Ridership list for late run with overtime form.
  25. Have received training in behavior management and assertive discipline techniques and practice them.
  26. Maintains a calm, capable, mature attitude in all situations and handles disruptions in a warm, professional manner.
  27. Has received training in behavior management techniques, assertive discipline technique to bus driver.
  28. Comply with Ohio Pupil Transportation Laws and Regulations as established by the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Highway Safety. Comply with all other traffic laws.
  29. Becomes acquainted with particular handicaps and emergency treatments for each student on the bus.
  30. Is knowledgeable of first-aid techniques.
  31. Assist bus attendants as needed.
  32. Perform such other duties as assigned by the Transportation Division.
  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. At least 23 years of age.
  3. Valid current Ohio Drivers License, preferably a Commercial Drivers License with S and P endorsements.
  4. Experience working with children in a professional setting.
  5. No more than two points on your license in the last two years.
  6. Must acquire your Commercial Drivers License within three (months) of hire.

Union position.

Please submit an online employment application if interested in this position.

Ohio House Bill 190 requires criminal record checks of job applicants under final consideration for positions. This records check is through the Ohio Bureau of criminal Identification and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The records check is performed at the applicant's expense and any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the check.

All new employees are required to undergo a physical examination as a condition of employment. Examinations which have been performed within ninety days prior to date of employment are acceptable. Any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of this exam.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Additionally, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District values language diversity among its students and employees. Persons who are bilingual are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities.

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