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(3981) Substitute Educational Interpreter
Applications for this position are accepted:

Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Job Description

Division: Special Education
TITLE: Substitute Educational Interpreter

The hourly rate for this position is $12.63.


To provide assistance as needed with handling the unique needs of deaf and hard of hearing Special Education students.

  1. Interprets/transliterates for deaf and hard of hearing students in mainstream/inclusion/self-contained academic, special subject or vocational classes
  2. Interprets all activities in the classroom including but not limited to lectures, conversations, videos and special projects
  3. Functions as an educational team member related to communication of deaf and hard of hearing children
  4. Provides on-going educational support to deaf and hard of hearing students
  5. Provides as needed services for school functions outside the classroom, during regularly scheduled school hours
  6. Interprets for meetings, conferences and workshops as requested by Special Education Manager
  7. Maintains license through professional development activities as mandated by teacher education and licensure standards
  8. Perform other duties as required/assigned
  1. Educational interpreter for the Hearing Impaired license required.
  2. Knowledge of various philosophies for educating deaf and hard of hearing children.
  3. Ability to use a variety of communication modes used with deaf and hard of hearing children.
  4. Ability to work at various locations with children of various ages and abilities.
  5. Basic understanding of IEP processes and teams.

Ohio House Bill 190 requires criminal record checks of job applicants under final consideration for positions. This records check is through the Ohio Bureau of criminal Identification and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The records check is performed at the applicant's expense and any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the check.

All new employees are required to undergo a physical examination as a condition of employment. Examinations which have been performed within ninety days prior to date of employment are acceptable. Any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of this exam.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Additionally, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District values language diversity among its students and employees. Persons who are bilingual are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities.

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