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(2-2469) Science Teacher (Physics) - MC2 STEM
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Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Job Description

Division: Curriculum & Instruction
TITLE: Science Teacher (Physics) - MC2 STEM

Salary: Per the salary schedule for Cleveland Metropolitan School District teachers.


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, but what it teaches is far greater than the sum of its parts. Critical thinking learned through STEM education is applied across all disciplines, from the humanities through everyday problem solving.

The Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium (MC2) STEM Schools will be instrumental in providing a STEM Education across all disciplines. High quality individuals will help lead these schools to ensure that it is one of the premier STEM schools in the country.

2013-2014 School Year

  1. Creates an exemplary school and classroom environment that emphasizes leadership, reflective practice, and peer learning, all in the interest of an evolving sense of shared purpose based on proactive academic and behavioral standards that teachers, students and parents mutually create and achieve together;
  2. Embraces a school culture filled with hope, aspirations and the expectation that every student will graduate, college ready and prepared to be successful and contribute to a 21st century, knowledge-based, global economy.
  3. Develops an engaging, rigorous, and project-based academic experience that fosters active learning, high order thinking and authentic application of academic content standards connected to a real-world environment.
  4. Implements a rigorous and creative approach to instruction that encourages students to think critically, analyze information, comprehend new ideas, communicate effectively, collaborate in teams, and solve problems.
  5. Prepares students to be successful on the Ohio Graduation Test, college entrance exams and college coursework.
  6. Facilitates creation of student digital portfolios where the work and performance of students is made public through an online platform.
  7. Collaborates actively and consistently with the principal and other faculty to examine student work and performance data, identify intervention strategies, share best practices, and ensure curricular coherence.
  8. Integrates STEM effectively across subject area boundaries using project based learning as a trans-disciplinary approach to maximize student engagement, learning and achievement.
  9. Identifies individual student needs and works as a team with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve issues.
  10. Supports as part of a faculty advisory team a small cohort of students on a weekly basis throughout the students careers on matters of social interaction, academics and career planning.
  11. Expands and maintains professional competence through quarterly school-based professional learning communities, district in-service education activities, and professional development opportunities supported by higher education and industry partners.
  12. Demonstrates a positive, energetic and industrious work ethic, and a caring attitude toward young people.
  13. Demonstrates a commitment to educating urban students and the belief that all students can learn and must be held to high academic standards; a willingness to spend the additional time needed to effectively meet the challenges, objectives and purpose of the school.
  1. A valid Ohio teaching certificate in appropriate subject area.
  2. Two or more years professional experience in a STEM-related industry preferred.
  3. Undergraduate or graduate degree in a STEM-related field and/or substantial college level coursework in a STEM-related field desired.
  4. Experience in working in a culturally diverse environment.
  5. Experience in project based learning, differentiated instruction, alternative assessment, and linking traditional academic programs with college and work environments.
  6. Experience and/or training in the facilitation of student advisory programs.
  7. Experience in using student performance data to drive curricular and pedagogical choices.
  8. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents and community/corporate groups.

Metropolitan Cleveland Consortium (MC2) Schools are designed to be a year-round schools. These innovative schools operate under an extended school day and year.

Selection of teachers will be based on an interview and review of other relevant information and may include documentation of teaching abilities in a classroom setting via electronic media.

Ohio House Bill 190 requires criminal record checks of job applicants under final consideration for positions. This records check is through the Ohio Bureau of criminal Identification and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The records check is performed at the applicant's expense and any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the check.

All new employees are required to undergo a physical examination as a condition of employment. Examinations which have been performed within ninety days prior to date of employment are acceptable. Any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of this exam.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Additionally, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District values language diversity among its students and employees. Persons who are bilingual are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities.

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