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(2-2431) Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (AFJROTC) - East Tech
1 position available
Applications for this position are accepted:
From 2/15/2013 To 3/7/2013 5:00 PM (SEARCH EXTENDED)

Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Job Description

Division: Secondary Education
TITLE: Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (AFJROTC) - East Tech

SALARY: Per the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools Salary Schedule for JROTC Instructors.


AFJROTC instills in students in the 9th-12th grade the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and personal responsibility through education and mentoring. The AFJROTC program is primarily a 3-year course of military instruction, with a fourth year being optional. The curriculum is academically comparable to a secondary level science course. The curriculum includes an introduction to aviation, national defense, careers, space, global studies, leadership, and health and wellness.

At least one retired officer and NCO are assigned to each unit. The officer is designated as the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI), and the NCO as the Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI).

  1. The SASI manages and administers the AFJROTC program IAW DOD, Air Force and AFJROTC instructional guidance, under supervision of the school principal or other designated school official.
  2. Supervise and assign work to Aerospace Science Instructors (ASI). Reviews and monitors the course plan of each instructor.
  3. Supervise the administrative, logistical, and financial management of the unit.
  4. Ensure the integration of the AFJROTC program into the school environment by cooperating with school, community, veterans, and parental groups; participating in student information programs and public service actions; and establishing aerospace science as an integral academic and administrative part of the institution.
  5. Give AFJROTC presentations to local schools.
  6. Provide introductory briefing on AFJROTC, to include school and Air Force contract agreement, to newly assigned principal/superintendent.
  7. Interview, evaluate and recommend applicants applying for AFJROTC instructor duty by completing the AFJROTC Form 102, Interview of AFJROTC Instructor Applicant.
  8. Develop and supervise curriculum in action (CIA) trips, fund raising, and other co curricular activities.
  9. Maintain liaison with Air Force representatives in logistics, finance, and academic areas to ensure effective utilization of Air Force resources.
  10. Plan, organize, and instruct aerospace science and leadership education courses. Determines the number of hours for each course of instruction and organizes a curriculum model to complement the local school curriculum plan.
  11. Instruct students by lecture, guided discussion, lecture and discussion, student briefing or report, student panel, teaching interview, guest lecture, team teaching, demonstration-performance, role playing, and brain-storming using large and small group interaction.
  12. Employ models, graphs, slides, maps, periodicals, films, filmstrips, charts, transparencies, chalkboard, handouts, and other aids to facilitate student learning.
  13. Develop course syllabi, daily and weekly lesson plans, assignments, demonstrations, training aids, reference materials, and any related data to accomplish course and lesson objectives. Lesson plans will be in the format directed by the school. When the school does not specify a particular format, instructors must use the format outlined in the AFJROTC Curriculum Guide.
  14. Evaluate student progress, diagnose individual learning problems, and initiate corrective action, as appropriate. Encourage students, through proactive counseling, to complete high school and pursue higher education goals.
  15. Confer with AFJROTC Command regarding course planning and content, examination procedures, scheduling difficulties, teaching methods and techniques, and other related areas.
  16. Consult with the principal (or designated administrator) on the priority of AFJROTC within the school and the requirement for space and equipment support for the unit.
  17. Evaluate the aerospace science and leadership education program to determine whether Air Force and school objectives are accomplished.
  18. Coordinate with AFJROTC Command and school officials to ensure AFJROTC accreditation.
  19. Ensure effective development of cadet officials and supervises cadet operations and activities. Plans, organizes, and directs corps organization.
  20. If necessary, coordinates installation visits with installation commanders or their designated representatives for support and services.
  21. Ensure cadets participating in AFJROTC sponsored trips, events, drill competitions, etc. are directly supervised by at least one of the AFJROTC instructors.
  1. Possesses a baccalaureate or higher degree, preferably in education, management, or science.
  2. Has knowledge of audiovisual presentation methods, curriculum planning, Air Force educational programs, drill and ceremonies, and educational administration, including tests and measurements. Administrative, logistical, and financial supports tasks are shared by all instructors as additional duties.
  3. Is a retired Air Force officer in the rank of major through colonel (SASI's employed as of September 2012 are exempt from this change) with a minimum of 20 years extended active duty, or retired gray-area Air Force Guard or Reserve members with a minimum of 3,600 retirement points; be retired 5 years or less when hired as an instructor (may be waived up to 10 years from date of retirement if the applicant is otherwise exceptionally well qualified and based on the needs of AFJROTC); and served the last year of active duty as an officer.
  4. Must complete the JROTC Academic Instructor Course (JAIC), to include computer literacy and basic skills assessment for certification. Certification is valid for 5 years as determined by Holm Center/JR, at which time the instructor must be recertified by accomplishing one of the recertification options listed in Chapter 18.
  5. Instructors should be dynamic and have an understanding of the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth patterns of high school students.

Ohio House Bill 190 requires criminal record checks of job applicants under final consideration for positions. This records check is through the Ohio Bureau of criminal Identification and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The records check is performed at the applicant's expense and any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the check.

All new employees are required to undergo a physical examination as a condition of employment. Examinations which have been performed within ninety days prior to date of employment are acceptable. Any employment offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of this exam.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School district is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Additionally, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District values language diversity among its students and employees. Persons who are bilingual are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities.

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